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Hi, I'm Annaliese

Annaliese is a leadership and transformational Life Coach and Spiritual guide.  With a decade of experience in the healing world, she supports a diverse community in breaking through barriers to success and aliveness.  She specializes in emotional and spiritual transformation.


She is the founder of Neuro-Cellular Healing Method, a groundbreaking modality blending high frequency vibration channeling and Cranial Sacral Therapy.  She is also the founder of The School of Embodied Learning, an online school and resource center providing world class training courses for aspiring Life Coaches, and those interested in holistic awakening.  


One of Annaliese’s gifts is to quickly and directly address the root of an issue or desire and clear it from the source.  This allows for a deep learning experience where personalized wisdom is revealed from the fabric of a person’s consciousness.  This in turn allows them to access their ability to coach themselves, from their inner wisdom. And allows people to connect to the deepest, truest aspects of who they are.  She works with a unique blend of modalities including meditation, yoga and movement wisdom, bodywork and Neuro-Cellular Healing, communication and relationship skills, and more for you to discover and connect with your innate power and intuitive knowing.


Other than Annaliese’s mission work in the world, she loves mountain biking, traveling to new places, and spending time outside with her sweetie and two dogs.  She loves to nest at her home in Santa Fe NM, cook and eat with love, and be in her pajamas any chance she gets. You can find her studying Ayurveda, attending silent retreats, hot springs, and adventuring.