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The Healing Portal

The only place to get on demand, life changing Healing Energy Sessions anytime, anywhere.

Everything including you is Energy. 

And your body knows how to heal itself.

So why don't you feel healed?

Well, life gets stuck inside us if we don't fully feel, digest, and integrate it.

There are pains, traumas, and unprocessed experiences stored in our bodies.

Healing Energy Sessions are channeled high vibrational energy which moves into your body and clears those hidden things keeping you from feeling healed, healthy, and integrated.

Also known as: Your natural state.  

As an 'Energy Healer' I understand that time and space as we experience them are an illusion.  

I do not need to be in the same space as you for you to feel and benefit from my energy healing sessions.  

Nor does it have to occur at the time you will receive it for it to work with 100% accuracy.

So for my 2019 Membership I created a comprehensive, powerful opportunity for you to receive ongoing Healing Energy Sessions throughout the year for a low monthly price.

What you get:

Each month you have access to 2 new Healing Energy Sessions.

Each Healing is themed for a different aspect of your healing to clear specific areas of your body and life.

The sessions include a little teaching and insight from me, plus simple techniques to bring more healing into your everyday life.

Plus, you will learn how to process and integrate life as it happens 

Healing Energy has a cumulative effect and the recordings can be listened to again and again so the more you listen, the more healing you receive.

As you receive the healing you will have insights, spontaneous releases, and you can experience transformation and benefit in every area of your life.

The Sessions are Recorded so you can listen anytime, anywhere.

This is for you if:

You are ready to strengthen or deepen your Meditation practice

You are ready to prioritize YOU finally

You are longing for deeper connection! With yourself, your loved ones, and the Universe as a whole. 

Maybe you want to connect to spirit or spirituality in a more direct way

You want to learn how to feel and release emotions

You are ready to decrease stress and increase aliveness

You want to access my techniques and methodologies anytime, anywhere

You want to feel more Alive, Aligned, and in LOVE


It is a huge honor and privilege to share this deep work online, I am so grateful.
"Annaliese started doing energy healing with me after I had major surgery that put my body through extreme trauma. After our first session my sleep improved, and I was finally able to rest without the medication induced stress nightmares that plagued me. Within three sessions, just one week out from surgery, I was completely off pain medications. Annaliese truly has a gift, and every session some part of me improved between my physical body, mental space, and spiritual being. I could walk further, I needed less pain medication, and slowly I was beginning to have more energy.  Annaliese's energy healing has helped me come home to myself through a traumatic process, and I believe working with her has been paramount to my recovery."