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Neuro-Cellular Healing

With 10 years as a bodyworker and yoga practitioner, an energy Awakening, and lots of practice on clients over distance I developed a modality combining two powerful therapies.
Cranial Sacral Therapy: a healing modality working directly with the nervous system and structure of the body (bones).  We connect with the Cerebrospinal fluid which governs the nervous system and in unwinding it has healing benefits throughout the whole being.  I do this over distance and in person.
High Frequency Vibrational Channeling:  A bunch of fancy words to describe that I am accessing higher vibrations and funneling them into your system so each cell of your body is being raised to a vibration where it's being healed and cleared of lower, misaligned vibration.
They amplify one another creating an extraordinarily powerful healing experience helping people to:
  • Heal physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments
  • Access their intuition
  • Discover clarity on life events, past traumas, desires, future dreams, how to get unstuck
  • Clear limiting thought patterns and belief systems - rewiring the brain and how you think so you're no longer held back or stuck by your mind's limitations
  • Realign the skull and other bones and joints of the body - increase range of motion, healing pain patterns, realigning the skull bones can reshape the head, and heal innumerable issues.
  • Restore connection to the heart
  • Release chords between you and others which might be draining or life depleting
  • Access your life purpose
  • Discover who you really are beyond the physical world which supports you in living your best live on earth
  • Exponentially speed up the healing process post surgery or injury
  • Give access to emotional body to clear blocked emotions causing depression, anxiety, addictions, etc.

Healing Packages

Healing + Action Deep Dive


You’ll Get :

  • 90 minute Goals + Breakthrough Patterns session

  • 60 minute Coaching session on what you most want support with

  • 90 minute Private Healing session


You’ll Leave with :

  • Clarity + Action guide for your top 1-3 goals in life or business to create what you want in those areas fast + without the struggle.

  • Coaching on breaking through limiting patterns  + emotional processing guide so you can coach yourself when things come up as you take action.

  • Custom Soulwork so you can continue to show up for yourself and get immediate + long lasting results

  • Private Healing session to raise your vibration and help you clear the old ways and bring in the new, expansive ways you’re ready to live life in.

4 months in Transformation: The Healing + Coaching Package

My other signature offer.  : ) ​Intention + Energy + Direction = Transformation.  


This package is for the person who is ready to heal the deeply seated patterns, blockages, and perceived barriers in their life.  I combine coaching and healing in a 4 month intensive that works with you from both the outside in and inside out.

You’ll Get :

  • 10, 60-75 minute calls (3 weeks on one week off) We use both healing and coaching work - switching off session by session or both in each session.

  • 2 half day (3 hour) Healing + Action Deep Dives

  • 6 months of email support


You’ll Leave with :

  • Transformed relationship with all parts of yourself.

  • Freedom from unhealed limiting patterns so that you can discover who you really are and your life purpose.

  • Direct access to confidence, your higher self, and a trust in life so that you create the life you want with ease and grace.

  • Massive shifts in your perception, ability to tend to all parts of yourself, and clarity on your best ever life path.

Year Long Intensive

For the person who wants massive support, transformation, and over 1 year


You’ll Get :

  • Twice monthly 90 minute calls

  • Spot coaching

  • Email Support

  • Access to The Path of Awakened Living Course for 1 year

  • Access to The Healing Portal for 1 year


You’ll Leave With :

  • Radical inner and outer shifts in your life and business or both.  You will redesign your inner world down to the subtle thoughts and behaviors that trickle into the world you experience.

  • The skills, strategy, sensitivity, and access to your intuition and higher power to replicate transformation in any topic and area of your life or business or both.

  • A deep connection to the power you have to coach yourself so when things come up - you’re there leading the way.

Interested?  Contact me to apply for a Clarity Session!
Don't see yourself in these packages?  I create custom packages for people - and it's my favorite thing to do!  
I can't wait to talk with you and find out all the dreams you have...Schedule a consult for free right now.

"I came to Annaliese feeling a real lack of clarity on my next steps in my business. She was able to put me totally at ease, and make me feel safe enough to do the deep work to not just get clear but to get me EXCITED about the process that at first, I was majorly resisting!
Having felt the benefit from her as a coach, I later requested energy work from her when I was sick with bronchitis and out for WEEKS. I was met with so much love!. She agreed to work on me with distance healing while I was asleep. I woke up feeling a deep sense of peace and wellbeing that I know helped serve to speed up my recovery.
Wanting to have her work on a family member struggling with addiction issues. Feel like her blend of softness and fierceness would be just what's needed here. Annaliese is just such a gem, I want to share her with everyone in my life!"

- Meghan Tartamella