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Discover the Leader Within

Your friends come to you for advice...

You're more sensitive than most people...

You have big dreams - and you know you're meant to lead in some way.

You're inspired by history's leaders... and you know you've got something to share

A coach is someone who isn't afraid to keep stepping into new versions of themselves

A coach is someone who takes the worst experiences and turns them into golden opportunities to learn

A coach is someone who sees the best in others and celebrates people where they're at

A coach is a compassionate, leader.

Those are some of my personal definitions of who a coach is.

But one of the amazing and unique things about my training is that you learn who YOU are as a coach and cultivate your own personal definitions.

How is DLW Different?

  1. All your coach mentoring and coaching is done Live and with me

  2. We take no more than 10 students for each training so you get TONS of my attention.

  3. 4 Personal coaching sessions with Annaliese is included in the course + you have access to her 1:1 coaching at a discount for being in this course for the 6 month training period.

  4. Our focus is on YOU.  We discover who YOU are as a leader.  What your passions are, your skills, your story, what you want your life and career to look like and why you want to be a coach.  From there we craft your unique tone and niche as a coach together.  No cookie cutter coaches here.

Your training includes:

  1. 6 content modules taking you through a comprehensive coaching training

  2. Bimonthly live group concept, coaching and mentoring calls 

  3. Endless Resource Learning Center (we're always adding to it!)

  4. Monthly partner work and assignments 

  5. 6 Private Feedback and mentoring sessions

  6. 4 Private Personal coaching sessions

  7. 1:1 work with me at a steep discount (the ONLY time I offer 'discounts')

  8. 6 months email support

  9. Private Fb Group with your class and past DLW Graduates

  10. 24/7 access to your online classroom

You will Leave with:

  1. A certification stating that you have been trained and approved for Life Coaching.

  2. Confidence in yourself, trust in your journey, and connection to your intuitive voice.

  3. A unique set of skills and healing to serve yourself and others - even if you don't want to have a coaching 'business'.

  4. A clear sense of who you are as a coach, what your gifts are, and how you want to serve.

  5. Action plan for creating your Coaching business if that's what you want, or creating what you want moving out of the training.

  6. Periodic check in calls to support you as you start your coaching journey.

  7. Ongoing Access to The Path of Awakened Living Group Calls.