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'Hey, Mama!'

When was the last time you took a nap?
Or had a meal cooked for you?
Or had your house cleaned for you?
Or received a massage...
That's what I do for you.
Whatever you need: for you, your baby, your kids, your home... I'm there.
Imagine having a personal assistant at home... All day.
You deserve relief from doing 'All Of The Things' on your own every day.
You deserve a break from the constant demands of #stayathomemomlife
You deserve an actual nap while your baby naps... or how about a massage?
You deserve to have all the laundry done, have a shower, and have hot dinner cooked FOR YOU!
You deserve help finally cleaning out that closet you can't fit anything in anymore
You deserve this, mama... you do.

Here's what we LOVE  doing for you 

Baby Care - All of it



Deep organization and house purging

Life Coaching


Cranial Sacral Therapy

Energy Healing 

Sound Healing

Private Yoga


Meal prep

Room Design aka Furniture scrambling aka I move your furniture

Party Planning (baby / kids birthdays, showers)

'Hey, Mama!' Half Day!​

*4 hours custom half day with me​ at your home based on YOUR needs!
**30 minute meet and greet phone call + game planning prior to our session

'Hey, Mama!' All Day!

*8 hours custom full day
**30 minute meet and greet phone call + game planning prior to our session.

'Hey, Mama!' Two Day!

*2, 8 hour custom days ​with me!  
**30 minute meet and greet phone call + game planning prior to our session
***You, mama deserve two full days with me: your personal chef, energy healer, pro organizer, and baby master.  Let's make a weekend out of it - mid week!  Just you, me, the babe - and two full days of possibilities!

'Hey, Mama!' Two day + late night!

*2, 8 hour custom days with me! + a night out alone or with your sweetie!​  
**30 minute meet and greet phone call + game planning prior to our session.  
***This is it, ma - your stay cation - where we actually get done All Of The Things you want to get done - but you're not doing it alone. 
So... you can actually move by the end.  AND spend an evening out with yourself, do a girls night, or head to a dinner and movie with your sweetie + leave me with a list of chores I can get done while the little one sleeps - too good to be true?  No, that's just what we do ;)

Who is "We"?

"We" at Hey, Mama is Annaliese Koltermann.  Founder of the School of Embodied Learning and CEO of Annaliese Koltermann Life Coaching + Bodywork.  I've been in the healing world for 10 years.  My background is in Massage therapy, cranial sacral therapy, energy healing, yoga teaching, sound healing, life coaching, and now I run an online school teaching everything from meditation and Yoga and how to fall deeply in love with your life and discover your life purpose, to training life coaches from scratch.
But my other passions are babies, organization, and service.  From a super young age I wanted to clean, and organize, and help.  All my first jobs were babysitting the neighborhood babes - even when I was just a few years older than them.  
When I was early in my twenties my friends even called me "Big Mama" because that's what I did - for better or worse... I mothered.  And it's in that spirit that I'm birthing 'Hey, Mama!'
The idea came to me after spending 3 days with my childhood bestie and her 6 month old for the second time, and planning my teenage bestie's 1 year old's first birthday.  So Much Joy ran through me as I realized I was using nearly ALL of my passions into one giving, incredibly gratifying act.   
Aren't we all here to help one another?  Does it not take a village to raise a great human?
Doesn't it feel so good to be taken care of when you do so much care taking?
This who I am - and I would love to wrap my Big Mama arms around your day :)


We are currently offering 'Hey, Mama' House Calls in these areas:


Santa Fe, New Mexico

We've lived in our home for over 20 years and we've accumulated a lot of clutter over time, especially in our kitchen cabinets!  Annaliese was able to work with me to organize and bring order to my cabinets and life again within a matter of hours!  Now I can actually find my pots and pans (with lids!) in no time, cook a meal, and be on my way!       

- Sherry Suttles, Morganton NC Purchased the 'All Day!'

Besides being a soul friend, Annaliese's work as an energy healer, yoga instructor, and massage therapist has benefitted me immensely.  She truly listens, and her presence is calming and life-giving.  I watched her love on my baby with just that-- her sheer, undistracted presence.  She helped bring intentionality to my home-- everything now has a place and a purpose.  I would recommend Annaliese to any mama who needs a break and/or a second set of hands!  Your investment will reap many returns when you find your body well-rested, your home tidy, your baby cared for, and your soul at peace. 

- Lia Wagner, Charlotte NC Purchased the 'Two day + Late Night!'