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The Path of Awakened Living

You are a magnificent being.

You are perfectly created.

You are a masterpiece.

So what's the problem?

You don't always remember that.

We need each other to remember who we really are.  All of life is a mirror, but if you don't know how to read the mirror, nothing will change.

The Path of Awakened Living is a life changing course created for the person who is ready to Wake Up to their magnificence but doesn't know how.

It's for the person who longs to know why they're here - and everything they've tried before didn't work, or didn't work in the long term.

This course is for the person who is READY to take the driver's seat of their life and create a reality they never dreamed they could have but know they deserve.

PAL is the culmination of a decade in transformation and healing work.  

It's the best practices, the most pivotal paradigm shifts, successful coaching and energy healing

In a transformational environment, with like hearted beings, in an 8 week intensive journey.

The Course Includes:

  1. Access to the Online Classroom with 24/7 access

  2. 8 transformational modules for inside out + outside in healing

  3. Weekly video lessons, Soulwork, partner work, and journaling exercises

  4. 8, 75-90 minute Live video group coaching and healing calls

  5. Email support

  6. Optional FB Group for connection, and support

  7. All group call recordings

You will Leave with:

  1. Healed or in the process of healing fully your past traumas and harmful patterns

  2. A visceral understanding of who you are beyond all the 'shoulds' and masks

  3. Clarity on your life's purpose

  4. SELF LOVE - majorly.

  5. Increased compassion, grace, and ease

  6. Access to your higher self, and power

  7. A deep trust in life so you become unshakeable to the ups and downs of life

Your time is now, dear one.

The ONLY time we have is now. 

Don't postpone your transformation.

Life is calling you there Now.

Curious if this program will work for you?

I'd love to meet up and let you know honestly if PAL is for you. 

"I was in a bad state of mind when I first found Annaliese. I was suffering from severe anxiety with a traumatic situation that kept rising up in my life all at once. I was truly searching for someone to help me. To be honest I don’t even remember where I found her information but It drew me in and I felt called to contact her. The Path of Awakened Living training has been amazing for me and to me.  Because I’m learning how to feel my emotions, process them and let what does not serve me go, my mind works differently. I truly see immense changes in just a few weeks of doing the work.  One big one is learning not to be so hard on myself. Thank you Annaliese." 

Asha Fleming