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Letting go is the bridge between the struggle and the gift of your inherent wisdom.

Come in close...I have a secret:


Part of the gift of being human is that you are a being of ABUNDANCE with tremendous potentiality.


Let me explain.


The nature of the mind is that what we focus on, we become.  Where you focus your attention, energy flows there and that which you are focusing on is being fed the energy for it to expand.  For example, you can choose to believe that your creator intended you to be of irrefutable power, endless beauty, and boundless freedom.  Let's say that you chose to believe that every day for the rest of your life...even in the moments when life showed up to challenge you, when things got heated, and when you were kicked to the ground.  How would life be different if you remembered the endless possibility of every moment?  How would you be transformed if you believed that you are always enough and you can conquer anything that steps in your way?


There is great power in conscious and intentional action, yet many of us allow reckless thought patterns, and other things get in the way.  Many of us rarely remember that at every moment we are creating our own reality.  Luckily, as humans we have the unique ability to consciously shift our perspective and alter our current situation simply by changing our minds...all that takes is REMEMBERING the nature of reality as being self-created, and consciously CHOOSING to put our energy into the reality that we wish to bring forth.  So how do you remember this and choose conscious action in the moments when life becomes challenging?  By training your mind to remember and surrendering to Universal trust!


Training the mind is mandatory when you are designing your own reality through soulful and purpose-based living.  This is the rewiring aspect of coaching, therapy, Yoga, and many many other healing modalities.  There is a method to rewiring your beliefs that is SO EASY if you have the support of a great Coach or guide.  The basis for rewiring your mind is developing intentional and skillful action...envisioning what you want and consciously taking action toward the reality of that vision.  If you orient your energy towards gratitude, love, appreciation, abundance, joy, and grace and consciously choose to soften into trust, you may come to realize that you are always being held and supported by the Universe.  (more on creating your in a future post)


Let's try something...place your hands on your heart right now.  Sense the beating of your own precious heart, and take a deep breath.  Let it go with a sigh.  

Without any prompting, the heart in your chest beats about 100,000 times a day.  Dive into the miracle that is your life in this moment.  No matter what is going on, consider choosing to believe that in this moment you are safe.  That you are held.  That you are magnificent and powerful, loved and whole.


The magic that is believing yourself to be a being of infinite possibility is directly related to the extent to which you are able to SURRENDER to the energy of the Universe and the energy that is YOU...the part of you that is everywhere and carries you through life.  This invisible but visceral energy that is replenishing, nourishing, and awakening is always here for you.  If you are able to listen, to control your mind and trust your intuition, you may realize that this abundant energy is gently guiding you (at all times) toward FREEDOM.  This energy has within it all the answers to all your questions; it is the clarity beyond the struggle of daily life.  Letting go is the bridge between the struggle and the gift of your inherent wisdom.


When you believe it's possible, it actually is...even in the moments when you doubt, there is a voice that is telling you to keep going - if you choose to hear it.  In these times of surrendering there is nothing 'to do' but relax.  Drop your steering wheel, drop your everything and be carried by the possibility that is the inevitable.  Let the Universe guide you towards what you truly want, towards the wealth that is your most divine human gift.  Let it guide you towards an abundance of support, Universal intelligence, and limitless potentiality that is everywhere, waiting for you to dive in to a life of ENJOYMENT and FULFILLMENT.


Last week I set down (almost) every piece of business + technology so that I could bask and revel in the waterfall of possibilities while on vacation in Portland, OR.  Some of what I discovered was that when I surrendered plans, when I surrendered judgments, and when I really sank into the experience of trusting and opening to the abundance of potentiality all around me, life was full of boundless energy...it was everywhere!  What became possible for me was a heightened awareness of everything as a conduit for the gracious energetic love that travels from one heart to another. I broke through barriers to an intimate awareness of the magic that is being alive to each breath.  Through suffering, through gratitude, through overwhelming grace...whether or not it's easy, when I surrender to my humanity I feel more open and alive to the gifts of life.


So often people get stuck feeling like they have to change everything about their lives to be fulfilled.  Or they feel like they have to MAKE changes happen.  It's common for people in the business of Yoga, spirituality, and coaching to get stuck in manifesting, creating, designing and always looking for ways to make more changes, and MAKE things change.  Sometimes these changes are coming from a place of sincere redesign and sometimes it's coming from a place of looking for things to fix. Often I think it's about letting go of our ideals we have about ourselves and opening to the truer picture of what being alive is really about to find oneself in the mystery.   Most often it's when we actually can let go and allow the river to take us, guide us, and show us the way when the most magic happens!


One day last week we sat by many waterfalls, each one unique in its energy, feeling, and sounds.  I was moved by the rapture the sound of the water made crashing down.  The power that radiated from those falls was breathtaking and tear jerking.  In those moments, there was no action needed.  Nothing needed to happen other than to open my ears and heart to be filled with expansion and inspiration springing forth through body and mind.  In those moments of total surrender to presence; an abundance of creativity soared through me.  My body moved spontaneously and my mind became open to a rush of creative ideas and crystal clear dreams.


Sometimes there is absolutely NOTHING you need to do.  What if sometimes you allowed yourself to do absolutely nothing GUILT FREE.  Tossing aside the perspective that laying down without an agenda for 30 minutes makes you lazy.  And what if that made you skillful?  Who would you get to be in those moments of just receiving?  If the gifts of your life are waiting to grace you but you're too busy to receive them... Consider that surrendering to the majestic depth of experiencing only your aliveness could make you feel human...worthy, full, and supported by the Universe.  How would each day look if rather than limitation and resistance, you saw abundance + endless possibilities?



When we feel like we're suffering, in pain, or we are trampled by a perspective of scarcity - it can feel almost impossible to open up to the magic and possibility of the Universe.  Next time you feel there is 'stuff' in the way of allowing that belief to thrive in your awareness; consider planting the 'surrender' seed and watching the possibilities grow ;)  Changing your mind and your limiting beliefs is more than possible with persistence and a high-level of support.  


Are you ready to remember yourself as a being of ABUNDANCE + POSSIBILITY (maybe for the first time)? 

Are you willing to SURRENDER (just a little bit) to see what's on the other side?  

If you are called to experience more truth, more love, and more Universal blessings - let me know!  I would love to help guide you on your journey!  I invite you to work with me on the technologies and methodologies for orienting yourself towards endless possibility and a life of abundance.  


Let me know in the comments section - what is 1 way you are willing to embrace and practice SURRENDERING TO POSSIBILITIES this week! 

+ What aspects of this post would you like to know more about???


With blessings and respect.



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