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The Key to Saving Your world - Now.

October 3, 2017


Recently I took on the practice of forgiveness.  One of my teachers shared the traditional Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono with me.  I had seen this before - but never fully embraced it.


When I did - man was I relieved and amazed.


Once I used this practice and felt it's powerful healing - I immediately began to share it with my clients and students.  I am in such awe of it's power to pierce the ego and layers of conditioning to break into the heart: I'm sharing it here with you.  Read on and at the end of the post to find your link for the Ho'oponopono practice.  The link will stay live so you can listen anytime.


With access to world news, It can be easy to slip into judgment, blame, guilt, greed, anger, victim mentality, and so much more.


What good are you to yourself, the people around you, or this universe when you're focusing on what's 'wrong' with it all?


One shift I've made recently is this idea of taking more responsibility for my impact.  The impact my thoughts, feelings, and beliefs (and energy) have on my whole being, and the world around me.  


I believe that we are all creating the reality we're experiencing.  And there is a greater consciousness that we are all collaborating with that is depicting a greater reality. 


What that means is my 'personal' life is not really personal.  We are each contributing to a collective consciousness which is mirroring what we think, feel, do and say.


If I can take responsibility of how I'm impacting the collective - if I can SEE the ways in which I've created some of the pain and destruction in this world - If I can witness that in a way that is KIND to myself - something amazing happens.


We all have the opportunity to see ourselves in all that is unfolding.  Yes - the murder, the hopelessness, the greed, the power, and the love.


Without taking ON - we have the ability to forgive, first ourselves.  Forgive yourself for the ways you have personally contributed to the reality that's rolling out.  When we do that there is a radiance of forgiveness that ripples out and touches everyone and everything.  


It's fine to recognize the pain and the hurt in this world.  But when it's coming from a place of judgment or ego control - it's not helpful.  


Action is great - but when it's coming from these places - when the action is misaligned with a greater intention of healing and connection - it doesn't work.


Remember: this planet has been through much much much worse than it's going through right now.  There is a process that's unfolding.  


My reflection:

- We're confused, exhausted, and racking our brains on how to 'fix' this planet.


My suggestion:

- Stop trying. Take a look at yourself.  Take responsibility for tending to your body, your mind, your heart.  

- Surrender.  Stop taking on the responsibility of the whole unfolding process, and just ALLOW it.  

It's all happening.  Take a deep breath.  

- Shift into the belief that the Universe has us.  What if there is actually nothing to fix?  We can't possibly know the greater, higher picture. What if it's all working as it should?


What I believe is going to change this planet is the ability to stay, watch, witness, and feel into this pain without the judgment. Not trying to stop it, take it away, throw it off, deflect, or blame it.  


What I believe is going to change this planet is not making a 'fix it' 'make it better' plan.  It's going to be each of us showing up for our SELVES with a god or goddess like (bigger than your ego) presence.  


With the Bravery to hold, breath, and allow rather than turn away or brush off.


Hold yourself as you would your newborn self.  Hold this planet in your heart with that level of open loving compassion.  It has done nothing to deserve such scrutiny and neither has your newborn self.


You don't have to focus on what's 'wrong' and you don't have to ignore it either.


Simple let it in - feel it fully - let it dissolve.


When we can do that for ourselves - (we may never be done with that work) we share it with others, it ADDS to the collective weaving web of consciousness.  


Ultimately - what you focus on expands.  There isn't any worse stuff going on - we just have lots of people broadcasting it.  


The bigger our capacity to witness life's injustices and pains non judgmentally is to the extent that what is meant to happen will happen.  Resistance breeds ego.


No matter what - no matter who you are or what you do - you're apart of this crazy mess.  


Rather than pointing fingers or appointing leaders - I challenge you - turn that finger back toward yourself.  Appoint yourself as leader of your experience on this planet.  For your perspective.  


If you can see it - it's apart of you.


Say yes to your calling of doing the work of self love.  Actually.  


You're either doing it or not - When I realized I thought I was doing it but I really wasn't - I challenged myself to actually freakin love myself.  The result - I can truly surrender (sometimes).  I'm not in charge (somewhat) and I choose to trust this wild path we're all sharing.  


Forgive yourself through every 'mistake' you think you've made.  Forgive yourself through every 'bad' thought you've had, or less than kind action.


I choose to be the co creator - the leader and the follower.  Giver and receiver.  


There are some things I can control - and there are things I can't - so I don't try :)


Taking personal responsibility for the state of things is not taking it on.  It's a practice of self forgiveness.  When we can forgive ourselves we can finally see beyond the betrayal of 'other' and see the human behind the action.  See US in the action.


Can you be forgiving and resistant at the same time?


We are all here.  It's a miracle that we. are. all. here.  And what are we doing with that miracle?

What are you doing with your miracle?


Are you grasping for an image or ideal of how you think things should be?  And forgetting to recognize the perfection and beauty that already is this unfolding process?


Or are you breathing into your belly.  

Are you allowing this crazy story to be a grand splendid show rather than a problem to be fixed?


We are no use to one another until we can strip away the layers of our bullshit ego and get truthful.  Soul truthful.  


You are already forgiven.  I believe our work is to forgive ourselves. Now.


Send Gratitude to our ancestors.  They have all contributed and gifted us the honor of doing this work.  This work of our lives - to see.  To choose to see clearer, with more earnest heart, without the masks.  


Start with this practice:


As you inhale see and feel the words: I love you

As you exhale see and feel the words: I'm sorry

Inhale: Please forgive me

Exhale: Thank you


Again and again - seated or lying down, direct this inward and receive it.


May all beings be safe.

May all beings find peace.May we all awaken to what is truly ours.

Follow this link to listen and practice with me! Then leave a comment below and share your experience!  How were you impacted by this practice?

For more information on the healing powers of Ho'ponopono







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