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I'm Calling You Out on Playing Small: yes you.

November 30, 2017

Are you playing small because you learned that's how you get by and stay safe?


Do you have big dreams but you're scared if you try you will fail?


Do you want more, but you make excuses why you can't have it?


Do you want to discover and heal but you won't prioritize what you know you need to?


Do you find yourself stuck in the same patterns over and over making slower than molasses progress on your dreams or plans?


Are you making baby steps - but you know you're dragging your feet?


If this is you - Let me ask you something: What are you actually afraid of?...


Are you sure that fear is true?


Like true true.  Will it actually happen that way?


What's the worst thing that might (or might not) happen?


Do you think you'll die if you try?


If you die next week - would you be pissed that you didn't go for it?


You know... that dream you have, that thing you've never done before but want to try, that way of dressing or being, that move or career change!


The fear of not getting it perfect is keeping. you. right. here. 

If nothing changed for the rest of your life - how would you feel by the end?


In the words of Alan Watts - was it a life you would recommend to others?


Would you recommend your life to someone else?


SO much about finding why we're here is about saying yes. 


Saying yes to what truly calls us - what makes you get goosebumps, what makes you smile and laugh and light up - what you enJOY!


It might sound cliche - but you're not here to punch a card and only have fun on the weekends.  I hear over and over - people want purpose, real meaning, fun, and connection.  We want to wake up excited to be awake and excited for a new day!


I feel that part of our paths to purpose and real meaning in life is saying yes to what is interesting and beautiful to YOU.


Not saying yes to keeping jobs you don't like, living in towns you don't like, and hanging out with people you don't like.


I often ask my clients: You're on your deathbed - and you never did the stuff you really wanted to do. You never took the leap you're afraid to take... How do you feel?  In those last moments: what would you feel about holding back; playing small? 


Always - they say "oh man, that would suck!" 


So when the fear of NOT doing or being what you are truly called to do or be becomes MORE REAL than the fear of actually doing it - the choice is a no brainer.  


Those fears we have - when we believe them they are guaranteed to keep us stuck.  But they aren't guaranteed to be valid or TRUE reasons to stay.  You always have a choice in what you believe. 


When we realize that we're missing out on living because of a fear we're not even sure is true - it makes that leap so. much. easier.


It matters a whole let less what happens next.  After saying yes - well.. the rest is almost all the way taken care of.  Mostly - we just need to initiate the first step - and it's all flow from there.


Which brings me to the focus of this post.  Trust. 


SO you've conquered the fear and said yes to that thing you want to change in your life.  Then... doubt!  


Your mind kicks in and wants to make sure you're being rational.  It's still trying to keep you small and safe!  And the recoil response is to take it back, nevermind, and pretend that didn't happen.  


Because WHY would you go and make such a ballsy change like that!


I remember a fragment of a quote shared by Jonathan Foust: "...take it one step further and doubt the doubt."


Another thing I tell my clients all the time: doubt is a byproduct of life.  It's like the freebie on the airplane - it comes with the ticket.


So doubt your doubt - trust that it's part of being human - and it doesn't need to stop you from your dreams.


In my practice of busting the ceiling of comfort and expectation: my mindset has to be: "My mind will try to get me out of this - but I'm trusting my guts and no matter what happens I'm gonna be here for you."  Not the mindset: "I have nothing to lose, I'll probably face plant and at least I can say I tried."  


I once saw something on Etsy I loved.  I'm not sure who originally said it but it was a cross stitch that said: "What if I fail?  Oh, but my darling what if you fly?"


Yes!  What if you fly - it's that higher vibration part of you - that doesn't live in doubt and fear - and is calling you FORWARD into mystery.


The mindset has to be in possibility!  This is the trust of being OPEN to what happens next.  Not going in with expectation or a sense of indifference.  


If you actually believe in the call that had you saying yes in the first place - if you can believe with half of your body - you are 1,000,000x more likely to soar.  And yes, that is statistically proven ;)


The high vibe glow for me is:  "I'm after this.  This is a MUST -(because I ain't dying without trying) And I'm willing to say YES again and again - even if that means It's not a guarantee.  Even if people judge me, even if I'm misunderstood."


When you declare that divine yes - and you trust in that you'll be OK in the mystery - opportunities will present themselves to you.  Opportunities that feel like the path is clearing. 


You've just set something powerful in motion.  Every time you call yourself into trusting a little bit more... the pathway before you clears and you're carried by the greater than your mind presence.


The trust I'm talking about is surrender.  Letting go of feeling like you need to control everything.


You'll know the path is clearing - because things feel EASIER!  You can then trust that you. are. supported.  You're on the 'right path' and the call to say yes is in service of your higher good.


You have to keep on saying yes, my friend.  And you will keep being guided.  Not by your righteous ego or every micro choice you make... but by an energy greater than those.  


What have you been waiting to do?  Say or express?


What is truly knocking on the doors of your soul?


What is asking you for a YES?


If you ignore that call - for the rest of your time here on earth - how would you feel by the end?


What will it take to leap?


If it's worth it to you - I challenge you to say yes.  








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