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Your Higher Self Wants You to Read This

December 1, 2018


This months Love Note to my Membership was too juicy a download not to share.  Enjoy!



Well Hello, Dear Love

It's been one whole year of love notes.  


I'm curious - do you feel the love?  


Does it feel like it feels to me...? In these notes it feels like picking up that thread through all space and time that is just love, and always eternally available.  


Not beginning or ending anywhere, just an endless stream of neutral, beautiful, boundless energy.


If it's one theme coming up for me a lot lately it's this:


Teaching, healing, sharing, guiding, coaching... the reason why it works and how it works is attunement.  It's bring attention to what the client of student already knows.  Wisdom lives within all of us. 


And it freakin works so well.  If the student is ready.


It's like when it feels like your yoga teacher read your mind and just knows what you need in a yoga class without asking. They attune to your subtle body, listen to it and responded through the Yoga class.  


Those moments of awakening, remembering, enlightening...


When you hear something and it resonates, when you feel something special or different when you're with someone, when you hear a voice from inside when you're in the perfect conditions, or hear a song or see something that sparks inside or a connection through time...


That is attunement.  That is waking up.  That is connecting.  Healing.  It's evidence that we are all made up of energy and absolutely everything in this world is made up of the same stuff.  


There is a sacred pulse that is EVERYTHING.  Everything, everything everything is pulsating.  Everything is an inhale and exhale.  


That is why we die and get born.  


As my tantric teachers say: The Universe is humping itself.


Or: We are all particles bumping into each other.


Quite frankly - We're all just rolling around this Universe turning each other on.  


That is how Swami Kripalu put it:  "Just turn on the light." 


Implying firstly - It does not have to be hard and secondly: there is something inside of YOU that turns on.  Something in you that guides your way, and you're work is to find that light and turn it on.


We need help getting turned on. We don't find it in a vacuum (alone).


That is why there are more people in the Universe than just you.


That is why I'm here.  That is why you're here.  That is why you can't call yourself enlightened and then go home for Christmas and still be enlightened.  


We NEED each other to help us wake up.  


And waking up isn't always comfortable.  


For many: this time of year is triggering, confronting, confusing.


Or it's manic, addictive, indulgent, crazed, numbed out for others.


I'm curious if this time it can be balanced, calm, nourishing, and enLIGHTening.


There is a lot of talk about honoring the 'light' over 'darkness' and now I'm going to drop some spiritual knowledge...


Guess what?  There is no difference between darkness and lightness.  


For the same reason there is no difference between your love and my love.  There is no beginning and no end to ANYTHING.


Lightness and darkness cannot exist without one another.


So I'm not talking about your 'light' as in the 'good' parts of you.  NO NO NO NO NO.


I'm talking about that part of you we've spent ALL YEAR toning, sculpting, strengthening.

This is the part of you that is wisdom, intuition, soul, wonder, joy, it's the core of who you are.


The LIGHT in you that you're going to be turning on this month is the you that sometimes you forget about.  The you that knows you're more than what you seem like.  The you that you felt connected to the moment your kids were born, or when you fell in love, or when you lost someone you loved.


When we can connect to the existence and aliveness of that deepest part of us and disidentify from our human, egoic, brain oriented self - we WAKE UP.  


Big time.  We wake the F* up.  We finally HEAR the voice of our higher self. We finally SEE what we haven't yet seen before but was right in front of our face.  We Live differently, we have different priorities, we are humble, open, loving, relaxed.  


Because THAT my friends is who we are.  That is the direction we are ALL headed. 


And if we can connect with that part of us like just dip a toe in there every so often - we are free.  And we download the things we're supposed to know.  


We HEAR the things we're meant to hear (that maybe we couldn't hear before).


We SEE the Miracles that were always happening but we didn't notice.  


We meet those people we were supposed to meet.  


We become unbridled to unfold, unwind, OPEN in the way a flower does so easily that we forgot how to do in the crazy worlds we create around ourselves.  


No difference between you and that flower - it's just that flower doesn't have the mind that we have, the ego, the 'stuff'.  


But you have the same qualities of it.


SO this month - your energy healing infused meditation practice will support you in shedding those layers of identification, and drifting down and into that metaphorical light switch and getting turned on or rather dipping your toe in the primordial lake of existence.


And your movement practice is a guided audio recording you could use before the meditation or anytime for unwinding tension, getting your mind out of your mind, and connecting to the not so subtle pulsation of the Universe... that lives within you too, because it is you.


Otherwise: my highest divine suggestions also include:


- Creating boundaries with everyone and everything that you know don't serve you and the quest for this light.

- Focus your attention on the stripped down existence ex- what's really really really really important and what's not.

- Find ways to recognize that YOU have all your ANSWERS.  Notice when you reach out instead of reaching in.  And 50 more % of the time... reach in instead.  

This is a heaping download...


So If you have ANY questions, post them below or connect with me on a call.

Endless Endless love to you, dearest love beings.  


May all the lights turn on.  It's going to eventually happen on it's own (we're all headed to enlightenment) but why not speed up the process?


With you always, 



The entire 2018 Living Meditation Membership is available for purchase.  It will ALL still be relevant in 2019 so follow along each month or binge it and play with the practices any time :)


For reading to the end, and jiving with me here's a 50% off coupon ;)  HALFOFFLMM18




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