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1 Pro Tip for Getting Real With Yourself

January 30, 2019

 Do you ever feel like you're letting yourself off the hook too often?


Are you painfully aware that you come up against the same lessons over and over again but don't make the change you know you must make?


This post is for you. 


I'm sharing the simplest and most intuitive tool for getting to the heart of what you truly need to hear.


Resistance can come up when someone else lays the truth on us when we don't want to hear it.


The beauty about this tool is that it's coming from YOU.  So if resistance comes up for you - you get to deal with it without projecting on someone else : )


You have a bullshit gauge built into you.  If you are telling yourself lies - you know it.  And when you get real with yourself - you can sense the truth.


When we get real with ourselves - we can actually remove the inner blocks holding us back and make the change we are desiring and destined to make!


Check it out below.

*Be certain that your language is still non-judgmental, loving, and above all: true.  You know when you're telling yourself a story and when what you're telling yourself is true.  It's a feeling.  If you're not sure; check out this post.


In the video I gave a few examples starting with "I need..."  I suggest not following these examples because that language doesn't invite change.  


Consider starting your journal with "Honestly, I'm ready to hear that..." or "Honestly, it's time that I..."


Have fun with this!  And let me know how it plays out for you!


The 'challenge' I'm offering in the video is to try this once in the next 24 hours.  If that feels good to you consider doing it again for the following 3 days : ) 


Want more support?  I'm taking applications for people interested in working with me privately! 

If you are ready to bust through your blocks and you think you want the support of a coach - fill out this application and we will find a time to meet and talk!


Yours in Service, 












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