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From Overwhelm to Clear Strategy!

February 2, 2019

Happy February!


This month I'm gifting 4 people with 15 minute Lightning Coaching sessions for FREE!  


And I had to share the magic with you so you can see how fast things shift when you have support.  


In this session I help Anna clarify her strategy for her new business.   She goes from overwhelmed thinking she has to do everything right now (stuck) to taking 1 or 2 clear, easy, bite sized action steps towards nurturing this baby biz.


We go over a liiittle on time, but you can see in the video how quickly her energy changes from stuck and confused - to clear and excited about taking the action in her business.


There are a few moments of the coaching where you can see me calling her into a higher level of mastery when it comes to mindset.  




Thanks so much for joining us - and before you go - comment below how you plan to apply what happened in this session to your own life or situation you're working with right now!


And if you want to be one of these lightning coaching winners - head to my contact form!

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