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Healing Energy

I didn't know this was Possible

My Healing session caught me on a day where I was experiencing feelings that are not uncommon to me such as a deep sense of insecurity, fear, and panic. I was also doubtful that anyone, even my trusted friend and former colleague, would be able to help me in this manic state...but her healing worked. Within about an hour of our appointment I felt a bit lighter and as I would soon realize but was certainly not expecting, my cravings for substances I have relied on for years as a source of comfort, such as coffee and alcohol just ceased. I didn't state an intention before our session that I wanted to quit these substances, my body just knew and I believe the healing with Annaliese helped my body to realize this. I didn't know something like this was possible. 
I've always known Annaliese to be an old soul with an ability to connect to people and energies. I believe her healing shares the gift of this connection in a way that is unique and personal to those she shares with. 
Anjuli Ellis- Bains

Immediate Sense of Relief

Annaliese Koltermann is a wonderful and sweet soul.  During a time of discontent, uncertainty and immense change- Annaliese provided listening, understanding, and a flexible schedule so that I could book a session with her.  She truly listened to not only what I had to say, but also listened to my mind, body and spirit.
In her session I felt completely at ease as she guided me into Pranayama and I could feel myself truly deepening my experience. As she guided me through our session I became aware of self and what was clouding my mind. She was able guide me into clarity as I let what was clouding me, pass.  After the session I felt an immediate sense of relief. I was able to smile from the weight being removed and tear of fulfillment.
Within her space is a safe, caring, powerful and joyful environment.  I am truly grateful to have been able to have this experience.


L. McConnell

Aware, Powerfully Intuitive, and Positive

Before I received Annaliese's Energy Healing and Sound Healing session I was experience a lot of resistance in my body and mind.  I was having a lot of trouble getting out of my head.  Afterwards, I cried and felt so slow and deep.  The next morning, I woke feeling more rested than I have in weeks, maybe months. I felt aware, powerfully intuitive, and positive. I felt so light and easy to be around; again, intuitive in word and deed. I feel that I have been brought back in touch with my consciousness. It astounds me how powerful sound and energy can be! I am so grateful. Thank you.

Paramount to my Recovery

Annaliese started doing energy healing with me after I had major surgery that put my body through extreme trauma. After our first session my sleep improved, and I was finally able to rest without the medication induced stress nightmares that plagued me. Within three sessions, just one week out from surgery, I was completely off pain medications. Annaliese truly has a gift, and every session some part of me improved between my physical body, mental space, and spiritual being. I could walk further, I needed less pain medication, and slowly I was beginning to have more energy.  Annaliese's energy healing has helped me come home to myself through a traumatic process, and I believe working with her has been paramount to my recovery.



Heart and Soul Tune up!

I had one distance CST (Cranial Sacral Therapy) and healing energy session with Annaliese when I was going through several big transitions. I’d been feeling ungrounded and low vibrational energy for weeks. Even hours after our session, I felt more grounded and trusting than I had in a while. I was able to remember my own power and raise my vibration to tap into my intuition and make more heart-centered decisions. It was a tune up for my heart and soul!

Trust the Integrity

I had an amazing distant craniosacral and healing session with Annaliese. Being I offer energy healing myself too, I don't normally allow others into my energy to do healing because of the high vibration I have achieved as well as me really having to trust the integrity of the healer. Having worked with, and on, Annaliese myself, I know the quality of the energy work she offers and the pure vibration she is in as well. I could feel so much during the session. My body was moving on its own and I was having visions of what she was doing. Afterwards, we discussed both of our experiences and found that what we were each seeing and feeling was experienced similarly by both of us. It was wonderful to feel the incredible level of healing she offered. I would definitely recommend Annaliese's work and the integrity of her energy in what she offers. Thanks Annaliese for a beautiful healing experience.


Cameron Simcik
Distance healing with Annaliese has become one of my most important self-care rituals. It’s essentially a weekly tune-up to balance my mind, align my body, and infuse my soul intuitively with what I’m needing most. The sessions leave me feeling grounded, clear, and prepared to make choices that serve my highest good. 
Chandler Price

Life Coaching

Guided me Home to Truth

Whilst writing this I felt at moments that I couldn’t find the right words to describe the magnitude of this experience. Coaching changed the way I see myself. It changed the way I view the world.
Annaliese guided me home to myself and brought me closer to my truth.  Her work is heart centered as she can see into others' truth.  I found the coaching and soul work sessions profound and deeply insightful.  She challenged me to explore and honor all parts of myself, the light and the dark: fear and doubt, compassion and joy. Throughout it all she reminded me to always remember and return to my higher self, an inner intelligence that always has my best interests at heart. She shared with me invaluable tools, which I still use to this day to strengthen my relationship with the light within. This has been a journey of coming to truly know and love myself and I am clearer with my intention and purpose in this world because of this. I am forever grateful for the wisdom and warmth that Annaliese continues to share with me to this day.  I am so so grateful.
Zillah Douglas  Kripalu Yoga Instructor  International ambassador for Women's Health and Wellness  Raw Food and Healthy Living Specialist

She's Worth Her Weight in Gold

Prior to signing up for coaching with Annaliese, I felt sluggish, restless, uninspired. I felt like I was going through a kind of midlife crisis. By the end of the coaching process, I feel re-invigorated, energized, clear, and uplifted. I am more productive and energized. One of the surprises for me is that I have overcome a life long struggle that I had almost given up hope on. If I had walked away from this coaching with only this one win, I would have been overjoyed, but there are so many more amazing outcomes! I feel reconnected to my loved ones, I feel reconnected to my spirituality. I have learned how to be kind to myself, to trust myself, and to listen. I am in a much better position now to help others to learn these things too! My advice to anyone considering doing this coaching. Trust the process, do the soul work, and be open. 


 Roxanne Kelly Clinical Research Manager 


At first I was hopeful but definitely still had my reservations. I wasn't sure how well this process would work.  Now I can proudly say that this WORKS. It definitely takes a lot of effort and will only work if you want it to. I had no idea how strong my mind is and that I really can create the life I want for myself, I just have to put in the work.  I used to be someone that let life control me but with Annaliese's help, I have finally gained control of life. She uses her gift of guidance, support and insight to push me to make the necessary changes for the life that I truly deserve.  I set goals and I actually achieved them! 
I realized I am important and worthy of the love I give everyone else.  I've never felt so connected, at peace and love myself this much in my entire life.  I trust myself and all my decisions now.
 My self confidence has SOARED.  I have been able to find a healthy balance in my relationships with people that tend to drain my energy. I have found a way to not let the judgements of others make me feel differently about myself. And most importantly, I feel RADIANT!
The journey definitely isn't always easy and I had to be willing to trust in the process.  When I did, the reward far outweighs the risk. 
Alyssa Taige Lee  Beauty Specialist


I am grateful for the time I spent with Annaliese during our sessions. She is intuitive, insightful and wise beyond her years. I am happier and more grounded having taken this journey with her.


Charlotte McMillan

Holding Space for any and all Things

Working with Annaliese helped me gain a better sense of how I want to look at, and present myself to the world. She has this uncanny ability to get me to recognize exactly what it is I want, and then uses the most delicate and inspiring language to get me to take the first step in that direction.  I find our sessions to be a great opportunity to learn more about myself, and a friendly reminder of how I want to show up for my own life. I love how she holds space for any and all things that come up during our sessions, and how she expresses nothing but love and encouragement towards me.
Aubrey Babcock  Personal Trainer  Eating Psychology Coach

Courage to face life

Annaliese went with me to the depths of my inner dilemmas and supported me through the process of awakening to my higher self.  Annaliese created the safe arena for my higher being to show itself and then gave me a little push for it to reveal the truths under the surface.  I'm leaving with a deeper connection to the higher being within, stronger understanding of the gremlins that have consumed me over the years, and the ability to change them around to positives. The biggest piece of wisdom I'm taking with me is this: I am on the path I am meant to be on. The challenges that are within every day are the teachers I need to transform.  I use to doubt the process that I was going through but now I encourage  it!   Connecting to this powerful source is offering me trust that everything is ok, space to step back from the 'problem', compassion toward myself, and courage to face life head on.


Dan C  Kripalu Yoga Instructor

Most Powerful Gifts

I am Ready!

Life Coaching helped me get in touch with my 'higher self', the knowing, nurturing part of me which has my best interests at heart.  Annaliese challenged me to confront my fears and insecurities, embrace my various emotional states, and live into my potential as a HEALTHIER, HAPPIER, and BETTER HUMAN BEING.  As a result of her coaching, I am ready to embark on the next stage of my life with a renewed sense of PURPOSE, SELF-CONFIDENCE, and JOY.
Pooja Virani  International Yoga Teacher / Travel, Food, and Fitness Blogger  
Initially, I was attracted to Annaliese's energy and spirit. Her yoga classes are life changing.  With her there is a depth that is very natural yet very impulsive and spiritual and flowing.  She is so present and exudes this incredible energy.  It adds layers of intimacy to the practice that I just don't get in other classes.
Through coaching I've discovered that my intuition and my energy are some of my most powerful gifts and have been possibly mistaken for anxiety. Listening to my intuition and embracing it has been very freeing for me. I have learned that my limiting beliefs can be turned to positive, affirming beliefs and that my energy can be used to fuel those affirming beliefs.  I know there's more work to do and I know I'm headed in the right direction.
Monica W

I care less what people think

Anneliese is wise beyond her years.  Her insight into human nature and my nature made me so much more aware of my relationship with myself, others in my life and my place in this world. Her boundless energy and positivity is such a joy in my life.  I have a much easier rapport with myself..I give myself the "breaks" I always give others.  The biggest wisdom from Coaching was caring less about what other people think of me.  

I'm a totally transformed woman

Annaliese is one of the most supportive, loving and empowering women I know. I came to her when I was lacking clarity, joy and confidence in my business and throughout my life, and in just a few short months, I feel like a totally transformed woman. I've moved through so many fears, let go of perfection, established healthy boundaries, improved personal relationships and so much more.
I’ve never felt more in tune with my highest self, and I credit that to Annaliese’s rock star guidance and compassionate support. Her words resonate deeply, and she has an amazing light heartedness to her coaching. She's a true gift, and I recommend her coaching in a heartbeat!


Cameron Simcik  Body Image and Intuitive Eating Coach

Accessing the Unconscious

Annaliese's power in coaching comes from her intuitive ability.  She's able  to see beneath and unravel the layers of the mind to access the unconscious. What made her coaching so incredible to me is the way she dove so skillfully beneath the stories I would tell her about my life to my feelings, and under the feelings to the roots of what makes me who I am. This ability to guide me to understand the deep hopes, longings, fears, and the sources of my joy and strivings at this point in my journey was a beacon of light in a chapter of a lot of darkness.
When we began working together, I was in the heart of one of the most challenging periods of my life. Sometimes when we got on our calls I had no idea how I would make it through the next 5 minutes, never mind the coming days. Somehow she would help me ride seemingly insurmountable waves and guide me into resolution of how I could get through not only the next five minutes, but the following days and weeks with self compassion and grace. Week after week she guided me into my hope, my strength, and my power. In days when I felt all I knew was brokenness, she would help open unseen doorways to the sources of my joy. She helped me to remember that everything, light and dark, is a doorway into beauty, richness, and so many incredible lessons. No matter what I was working on, moment by moment or larger picture questions and challenges, she would simultaneously help me feel what was true at each particular point on my journey as well as help me to discern what path felt like ‘right action.’ She guided me into remembering the parts about myself that I love and cherish so much, as well as helped to unravel so many negative, ruminative stories and thought patterns that barred me from joy and ease. All that said, I am so grateful for having had the opportunity to work with Annaliese. It was and continues to be such a gift.
Bridgit W  Kripalu Yoga Instructor

Yoga, Meditation + Bodywork 

One of the Best

 I recently received an amazing Cranial Sacral Therapy session from Annaliese. I have been practicing & teaching Cranial work for many years.  Annaliese is one of the best massage therapists I have ever worked with.  She is sensitive and focused on helping her clients be in a still place and allowing each person to unfold at their own pace. I highly recommend you have a session with her and find out for yourself. You're in for a real treat!
Phyllis Velez LMBT NC#437  Swedish + Cranial Sacral teacher at the Asheville School of Massage and Yoga

A Wonderful Combination

Her classes are gentle, nurturing, caring, encouraging, and challenging- all at the same time.  She has a way of connecting with everyone in class so we each feel she is speaking directly to us.  Then there’s her voice.  It is incredible; soothing, nurturing, caring, encouraging, calm, peaceful, melodic, beautiful- and a surprising important, if subtle, component of class.  My time with Annaliese is a wonderful combination of the physical, mental, and spiritual, all seamlessly flowing together in a restorative, renewing experience.  In addition, it is fun! She makes me smile and enjoy.


Bill S

Gaining Conscious Awareness

Working with Annaliese has helped me to regain balance, strength and serenity in my life. The healing effects of her hands on therapy extend well beyond the session itself.  I am so grateful for the conscious awareness she has helped me gain regarding the wellness of both my body and soul.
Karly B  Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine

Gentle Spirit, Intuitive Sense

Her calm, reassuring, positive presence taught me so much, both on and off the mat.  To say that Annaliese has changed my life is an understatement.  I have continued to attend her beautiful, encouraging Yoga classes as well as experience her healing touch with massage. I have told her that she has an intuitive sense of where my body needs healing.  Sometimes you can’t put your finger on what makes a person different and for me, Annaliese is one of those people.  God has gifted her with a gentle spirit and she is using it to make this world a better place. Working with Annaliese has set me on a path of self-discovery and acceptance so therefore I will continue to seek her touch and gentle guidance because she still has so much to teach me and I can’t put a price on the calmness and peace I feel after spending time in her ethereal presence.
Lisa B

Meeting You Where You're At

Permeated by Compassion

I am a massage therapist and have been receiving massage for 15 years.  During those 15 years I have experienced many different therapists’ work.  Based on my personal experience and my own expertise as a massage therapist, I believe Annaliese is truly gifted and knowledgeable in the craft of massage therapy. My work as a massage therapist is very physical work and receiving massage from her regularly is essential to my self-care. She listens carefully to my needs before we begin our session and remains present during my massage, focusing on my body and its needs.  The kindness and compassion that permeates her being is felt in her nurturing, healing touch.  I am eternally grateful for her many self-care suggestions that have truly enriched my life and consider myself blessed to have her in my life as my massage therapist, mentor, and friend.
Nikki Terry, LMBT  Mindful Massage & Wellness  www.nikkiterrymassagetherapy.com

Open to Hearing You

Erin M

Structure and Wildness

Annaliese’s style of guided meditation has the perfect blend of structure and wildness that reflects both the depth of her studies and her own intuition. Her yoga nidra class is a welcome addition to my regular yoga practice and has a cleansing effect on my well-being.

Opening a Whole New World

The studio room was abuzz with busy energy and a little uncertainty prior to the yoga nidra class with energy healing and sound healing. We take a few deep breaths and change starts to happen to me, my breathing slows, my mind slows, my body melts into the floor. I travel with the guided meditation and a whole new world opens up. Suddenly the room is full of healing energy from beautiful crystal bowls.  When I reenter the room, time and space feel different. I go home relaxed, rejuvenated and inspired. I enjoyed the feeling into the night.
Peter H
Through private Yoga, I have found myself becoming more comfortable, accepting, and generous with myself as well as with others around me. In each of these sessions, I have obtained skills to practice that were tailored to my strengths and weaknesses.  In addition, I have also gotten massages from Annaliese that were very relaxing and healing because she knew exactly what I needed.  Annaliese even helped my 86-year-old mother practice moves that increased her flexibility and provided some immediate relief for her leg pain.
Dawn P
Since meeting Annaliese, I’ve not only been able to benefit from her Yoga teachings, but also her massage therapy as well.  She approaches her clients in a way that I’ve never encountered with other therapists. She takes the time to listen to her client's needs and goals so that she may align her treatment to meets those goals.  She is open to hearing what my struggles are both physically and mentally and works with me to formulate strategies for refinement.



Trusting My Path

On retreat, Annaliese led a guided journaling exercise that was one of the most impactful things about the whole day.  After the deep inward dive of sacred retreat I'm becoming someone who is accepting the aspects of my job that are frustrating and out of my control to change.  And I'm becoming someone who chooses to love my job, focusing on the things that feed my soul and spirit in my work.  I'm saying Yes to being on the sidelines, in a supportive role, quietly living my life in a way that connects to my true being.  Yes to opportunities to teach creative expressive arts and wellness in supportive, inspiring and nurturing environments. 
I appreciate Annaliese's transparency and courageous vulnerability in her sharing, teaching, guiding, and inspiring. It was truly a beautiful gift to take part that day.
Mindy Coleman  Creative Arts Therapist

Cutting Through the Brush

Annalise facilitated a retreat I had the privilege of attending. One of the most powerful moments I experienced on the retreat came from a guided meditation she led.  She has this way of nudging me to dig a little deeper while simultaneously being gentle and offering a container to hold space for all things that come up when going deep.  She has a way of cutting through the brush and getting to the core of what’s important in a person’s life. It’s a real gift to be able to go deep and do so gently. She has that gift.



Refocus on my Life Purpose

Denise Hussey  Psychiatric Nurse

I Was lost, but Now I'm Found

Divinely Sent AH-HA Moments

Leaving retreat I feel recovered, relaxed, and ready.  I’m ready to embrace life and stay in the moment... to sit with God.  I came feeling stuck after a difficult few months and by the end of the retreat I came to an understanding of how to hold and understand that time.  I've been a little lost, but now I'm found.  I couldn’t have done it without this time. What am I taking away from this experience? I am taking myself back. I’m holding onto all the love I’ve received on retreat. ​THANK YOU SO MUCH!!


Dawn Parker  Morganton, NC
Michelle Rogers  Valdese, NC
Sarah Dergins  Psychotherapist
​This weekend at the Lake James Retreat I found rest and refocused on my life purpose.  I feel peaceful and restful. I’m leaving with more insight into who I am as a woman, wife, mother, and nurse.  I’m holding onto confidence that who I am is who I am destined to be. I have the love and grace to be true to myself.  This retreat was perfect the way it was and I am filled with gratitude. ​



Relish in Simply Being

After attending a retreat weekend led by Annaliese, I felt so much more connected to myself and at ease. My intention going into the retreat was to release control of my schedule and to relish in simply being -- and that's exactly what I experienced. I took away a deep space holding for myself and even greater trust in my purpose and process in this life; knowing I'm on a path that most aligns with my soul. I'm so grateful for Annaliese's guidance, space holding and gentle love. I would attend another retreat in a heartbeat.



Cameron Simcik Philadelphia, PA
​ My intention on retreat was to find calmness, rest, and center.  I got all those and so much more! I am leaving with direction and I’m taking with me a stronger, renewed practice and a truer sense of myself - along with a new support system to encourage me along the way when doubts arise.  This weekend was life changing and so affirming! I had many AH-HA moments that had to be divinely sent - everything all weekend was working towards the final morning and it came together beautifully! I feel relaxed, calm, affirmed, and blessed to have had this experience.​